Indian Food in Ireland
Hi Everyone. Today we are going to talk all about Indian food here in Ireland. Basically I consider myself a big time foodie. When I was coming to Ireland from India for the first time, I was really worried about what kinda food do we get here, I had no experience of cooking, even if I could by watching some YouTube video, where will I find all the ingredients or will I starve to death by eating just pizza and burgers. One humble request to all of you, please learn how to cook. I learned it the hard way, you can get all the ready made MTR powders from India but how long can you eat just those Lemon rice or Puliogare. You are gonna make your life a lot easier if you know few dishes. So, anybody who knows how to cook, you’ll be fine. And others who doesn’t, you need learn or else you are into grave problem. Initially I would be very worried about eating food outside because sometimes you wont know what will be mixed with chicken might be bacon or beef mixed with bacon, but it’s completely on you. If you’re going to a different places to dine, read the menu. Every dish will have a description below of what ingredients are used. No worries, I got your back for first couple of weeks at least. I am going to provide you with all the resource in this blog. Right from best places to dine out and which are the best restaurants here. Then if you feel like satisfying a certain craving then where to go, where to get your Asian ingredients from and all sorts of questions. So, let’s get right into it.   Food Delivery Apps: First up I’m going to list out all the food delivery apps for you and how can you take advantage of it by being a student? Apps are as follows:
  • Deliveroo
  • Just Eats
  • Uber Eats
  • Zomato: They don’t deliver food, but you can surf on it for menu’s.
If you are a student and you will have your student ID card valid for 2 year’s. You can use an app called Unidays, which provides exclusive deals just for students. Not just on food but on various brands as well please check that out. Uniday’s basically lets you to sign up to all these apps as a student that will help you get rid of delivery charges or a 5 to 10 percent off on your bill. It might not make a huge difference, but little difference is also a lot. There are plenty of referral programs so make sure if you are a bunch of friends, take full advantage of it. There are a lot of restaurants who have their own apps like in India, Dominos and Pizza Hut have their own apps. Similarly, every local brand or any European branded food place also have their own app so always check for it. They might offer special discounts for app usage. If not, you can use any of the apps that are mentioned above. Apps like Deliveroo and Ubereats have a delivery radius of 5 km’s. that’s one thing to consider.   Indian Restaurants: Now let’s talk about all the good Indian food serving restaurants in Ireland, though, because of Covid, nobody’s allowing you to dine with them. But you can always order. You can always give them a call and they’ll deliver food to your door step. The two most famous Indian restaurants in Ireland, which also happen to be a Michelin starred restaurant are Pickle and Ananda both are Indian restaurants and both are Michelin stars. So, if you are looking for a fine dining experience or for a birthday treat or you wanna surprise someone, you can go ahead and book tables here and have a blast. Other Indian restaurants such as Dera Restaurant in city centre, Konkan, Monsoon, Malabar Tadka, Kerala Kitchen, Istanbul kebab house (one of the best briyani’s in town). All these are in and around Dublin area. All these restaurants, you are bound to find them on these applications that are listed out to you before. There are even more restaurants in Dublin you can try and all these are my personal experience. I am gonna list out a few dishes if you guys wanna try it out.   All Must Tries In Ireland: Here’s my favorite and recommendations:
  • Dera is in city center order anything from them, they are the best. one of my favorite Indian dish that I like is kadai panner.
  • Another place to try is Malabar Tadka or Burger Bea both are run by the same person, Burger Bay is easily accessible in Dublin. If you crave for a bowl/dish that gives you an authentic homemade feel like a burger then I ordered from Burger Bea. The burger that I personally love southern fried chicken burger and grilled chicken burger tastes amazing too.
  • From Malabar Tadka. I really like kadai chicken. I must say that so far in Ireland, in the past two years, if I have had a proper Indian feels wala food then that’s from Malabar Tadka.
  • Another favorite place of mine is Eddie Rocket. Eddie Rockets make the best southern fried chicken fillet burgers. They have multiple branches all around Ireland.
If you guys are craving for pizza, Domino’s Pizza Hut for some reason are way too expensive here. And comparatively, the local guys make better pizzas than these branded ones. Two of them that me and my friends order pizza’s from.
  • Apache Pizza and
  • Firewood Pizza
All these regular local pizza places will give you cheaper, tastier and more in quantity pizza than compared to the big guys in the market. Chats & Pani Puri’s: If you’re feeling like having chats and pani puri’s and all this stuff, then you have two options. You get these stuff at restaurants. There is a place called Madina in city center which has a live chat counter, it is at subpar I would say. Otherwise your other option is to walk into an Asian Store and they have these ready-Made stuff too, like if you want to have pani puri or somasa, they have this premade pack that you can buy with all the stud to mix and match and make your own dish. This article is a part of my assignment with To learn more about the internship program, please visit the website. Check out this blog on digital marketing tips and tutorials by Siddhanta Mishra Check out this blog for fusion recipes by Durga Karthik Check out this blog for to learn some healthy and tasty food recipes by Mohit Gadle Check out this blog to know about organic food by Pratap S Check out this blog by Swarnima Singh on healthy eating

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